We Makers is redefining what it means to be a tech organisation in 2020.

Born out of frustrations with how tech companies are structured, the collective puts developers at the top.

Too often, developers tend to be at the bottom of a tech company. Many layers of business and marketing roles essentially control projects with little appreciation for the complexities that coding involves. Developers are considered to be expendable commodities.

Time is wasted in countless meetings rather than in front of code. Decisions at those meetings ultimately may not make much sense. Projects move slowly requiring the approval of several stakeholders - whatever that means.

Developers never truly make projects. Even small changes to a codebase can require several bureaucratic approvals. Most of the time is spent debugging some poorly commented legacy code using a stack you would rather avoid.

All these frustrations are present to varying degrees. Sooner or later, developers leave with the hope that the next company will be better only to be eventually disappointed. Sadly, this is the state of affairs in tech.

We Makers is fundamentally different. We are redefining all aspects of the workflow from the tech stack to the organisational functions. And we will be sharing our journey and perspectives.